Test Pots

Test pots are available for most of the Natural Paint Co’s range. At a cost of $6.00 for wall paints (plus courier charge) for 85mls, or you can order 4 for $19.95 and enjoy free shipping. They are a safe way to ensure you choose the right product for your substrate and the right colour for your décor.

All you need to do is select 4 test different test pot sizes from either of the Wall & Ceiling Paint or Feature paint ranges, or select the colours you want from our Test Pot Set.


Light in certain rooms can have a significant effect on colours, we therefore recommend that you begin with a testpot:

• Apply the paint to a large board (approximately 1m²), an off-cut of the relevant substrate material, e.g. Gib board, is best as it will give you a true feel for the finish and colour. Place the board in the appropriate room and observe the way different light levels affect the colour.

• As a general rule, dark colours will absorb light and therefore bring in the size of a room; light colours can help create the feeling of space.

• Bright colours can be very “active” and are suited to lively activities; subtle tones and hues are generally restful and can be more suited to peaceful areas.

• Before choosing a strong colour; apply a sample to an area of your wall; once seen in situ you may find paint a couple of shades lighter will work better.

• Consider the orientation of the room e.g. is it facing north and getting a lot of sun?

• Although we take the greatest care, some slight variations in colours between samples and the final product and between batches are possible due to the nature of our pigments.

Timber Finishes

• Any coating applied to timber will change the colour and grain. Some timbers will deepen significantly.

• It is important to test the product’s finish to ensure it is suitable for your situation.

• Apply the sample of product to an off cut of your timber or to an inconspicuous area. Apply all the recommended coats and relevant primers so you get a true feel for the product and what is achievable.

Concrete, Stone + Tile Sealer

• Any coating applied to a natural surface will change the colour, and appearance. Some substrates will deepen significantly.

• It is important to test the product’s finish to ensure it is suitable for your situation.

• Due to natural variations in concrete, stone and unglazed tiles any coating applied will enhance distinctions in consistency, texture and colour.

• The substrate, especially concrete, must have had the appropriate drying and curing time before being coated.

Adhesion Test

• If coating a surface that is already painted or wallpapered we recommend an adhesion test: apply a small amount of paint directly onto the applicable area; once completely dry, make a cross in the new paint using a craft knife. Smooth a piece of sticky tape over the crossed area. Leave for a few moments and then pull away. If the tape removes any paint it has failed the test. An oil-based undercoat or removal of the wallpaper may be necessary.

Please note: Test pots should be used as quickly as possible – the packaging is not intended for long-term storage.

Test pots and tinted products cannot be returned. For other products a re-stocking fee of $15.00 per item will be charged for returned unopened goods.

Go to Wall & Ceiling Paints or Feature paints and select which colours you would like to test.