We have a brand new ONLINE STORE

We are super excited to announce the launch of our brand new online store, to make it even easier for our much loved customers to place an order with us!

This has been almost a year in the making and a good few hundred man (and woman) hours spent putting this together!  We are proud to say we have created this ourselves :)

Check it out here – www.naturalpaintstore.co.nz.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email us at showroom@naturalpaint.co.nz.nz or call us on 0800 472 468.

Many Thanks!

James, Grace & the rest of The Natural Paint Company Team

Durable, washable…. and Natural.

The naturally made enamel and pigmented sealer that is giving the big names in paint a shake up

Traditionally painters and DIY’ers have had two options when it comes to finding a hard wearing Enamel Paint.

You could opt for the traditional oil-based enamels that offer good durability but are loaded with chemicals and solvents like turps and xylene to dry the oil-based resin. Sure, these solvents ensure the coating performs but also offer a terrible smell and headache for anyone painting or simply in the vicinity of the drying paint.  The other option for people looking for a ‘healthier option’ was to go for a water-based enamel that utilises water instead of a toxic solvent.

On paper, water-based enamels sound great but their technical aspects leave something to be desired when compared with their solvent based counter parts.  Not only are they still loaded with chemicals that are far from healthy, the hard wearing finish that can be achieved from an oil-based resin just cannot be matched with water-based enamels, and so, the end user is left with a softer product that often over promises and under delivers.

By utilising the most up to date technology in the painting industry, along with a bit of kiwi ingenuity and modern science, The Natural Paint Company have developed a natural enamel paint that out performs current chemical paints on the market and is giving the big names in paint a shake up!

The unique resin system used is a modified oil based alkyd that is solvent free. After the water has evaporated the paint dries by auto-oxidation as opposed to coalescence.  This results in our Enamel and Undercoat having standard solvent based enamel properties with all the benefits of Acrylic (water based) Enamels.

In layman’s terms, The Natural Paint Company enamel utilises new paint technology that manufactures oil based resin so that it will disperse into water and not Turps or Xylene. When the coating is dry the end user can feel and see the oil based finish and when they are painting they can smell a pleasant plant resin but not any nasty solvent.

The end result?  An extremely hard wearing enamel, made with natural ingredients, renewable resources, no solvents and no harmful chemicals.  Not only can this product be used in wet areas and exterior situations, the technology can be harnessed for use in other products –and we have done just that!  Our 2 in 1 Undercoat and Pigmented Sealer is made from this same technology and has every painter that tries it wow-ing in disbelief.

The possibilities of how we can utilise natural, solvent free, oil-based technology is endless and is something everyone at The Natural Paint Company is very excited about.

Once again, when natural ingredients are utilised to their full potential they have won out against chemicals.