You can buy products directly from us, via our online store, email, phone, or call in and meet us. We operate as a mail order company, sending products directly to your door and also have a retail shop in Christchurch.

The Natural Paint Company offices and factory are based in Christchurch, New Zealand. For overseas delivery – please contact us for more details.

The Natural Paint Company products are all based on natural ingredients making them safer to use. We use a large range of plant oils, waxes, tree resins, china clay etc. We do not use ingredients such as chlorinated hydrocarbon; fungicides; insecticides; bactericides; xylene; toluene; benzene; formaldehyde; phenol; heavy metals, such as lead, cadmium, mercury, chromium or copper.

We have made it our policy to list our ingredients on our labels and on our product data sheets. We do this so consumers can see what is in the products and make their own choices about the safety of the finishes we have available. Where there has been no alternative product, inert non-problematic raw materials have been used.

The raw ingredients we use are predominantly found in nature, and are turned into paints, oils and varnishes using “nature’s gentle chemistry”, a soft and green chemistry approach to manufacturing. China clay, talc, plant oils, tree resins and waxes are amongst the most common raw materials used. Look out for full details of ingredients on product data sheets and container labels.

It is used widely in domestic situations and has also been used in hospitals, schools, public buildings, health food shops, galleries and by health practitioners. Internationally it has been used in parliament and government buildings, airports, playgrounds and kindergartens.

Yes, we are New Zealand owned and operated – based in Christchurch in the South Island of Aotearoa.

With care and proper maintenance you can expect a similar life from our products. Maintenance recommendations are on the product data sheets. If the application of The Natural Paint Company products is combined with other principles of ‘biological building’ and eco-friendly practice, they can even outlast conventional paints and finishes.

Some of our products dry at different rates to conventional paints. This is a good thing to know before you start painting so you can keep it in mind when allowing for drying times. Some oil-based products, such as “The Natural Paint Company Hard Varnish”, dry slower and “The Natural Paint Company Wall Paint” dries faster than acrylic paints.

Yes. They have been safely used in hospitals, nurseries, schools and a number of products meet European standards for children’s toys – for more information see product data sheets.

Some people can be allergic to natural products, but we find that many people with allergies, or with chemical sensititivites, can successfully use our products.

First – check the product data sheets to see if any of the ingredients listed are ones that you are aware may cause you problems. Next – we always recommend that allergy sufferers trial the products to ensure they are suitable. Use “test pots” – $6 + courier charge for 100mls – to establish if products are safe for you. If you have allergies or are sensitive to ingredients such as: milk, bee products, citrus oil, lavender oil etc, please contact us.

Walls – measure the length of each wall and add them together; multiply this by the height of the room. Measure the door and window openings and subtract them from the total. This will give you the square metres of area to be covered. Check with the relevant data sheet for coverage details.

Ceiling – multiply the length by the width. This will give you the square metres of area to be covered. Check with the relevant data sheet for coverage details.

Floors – multiply the length by the width. This will give you the square metres of area to be covered. Check with the relevant data sheet for coverage details.

Once you have the square metres of area to be coated, divide by the product coverage rate, this will give you the number of litres required per coat. To work out the total litres required multiply by the number of coats.

i.e. 60m² ÷ 12 = 5 Litres per coat. 2 coats = 10 Litres.

Be a little generous in your measurements – it is better to have a little left over paint than not enough to finish your task.

When coating a surface that is already painted or wall-papered we recommend an adhesion test: apply a small amount of paint directly onto the applicable area; once completely dry, make a cross in the new paint using a craft knife. Smooth a piece of sticky tape over the crossed area. Leave for a few moments and then pull away. If the tape removes any paint it has failed the test. An undercoat or removal of the wall paper may be necessary.

We do bespoke colour matching for interior wall paint where possible and can also colour match to most other paint brand colours (Resene and Dulux). There can be a charge for smaller amounts of each colour, and the matching can take up to five working days as each individual order is hand made. Contact us for more details.

Beeswax and casein (milk by-product) are the only animal ingredients we use. Individual product data sheets give a list of ingredients used. Our products are not tested on animals.