Lazure Glaze


Let your imagination run wild.

The Natural Paint Company Lazure Glaze is used to create layered paint effects by applying a coloured transparent glaze over an appropriately tinted base coat. The effects achieved can be very simple or complex depending on the desired finish and the number of colours used. Natural and non-toxic – with a fabulous aroma whilst wet – making painting an enjoyable experience.

The base colour is important to the final look, white or subtle colours are often used but brighter colours work well too as long as they are not too dominant for the glaze layers – trials are always recommended before applying product to your walls.

The product comes as a clear base with tints available in a range of beautiful colours which can be mixed to create the colour of your choice – pigments are available in red, bordeaux red, golden ochre, umber, graphite black, ultra marine blue, sky blue, leaf green and yellow. The finished look gives depth to walls by the layers created.

Suggested paint effects are: ragging on or off; stippling; stripes; marbling; veil painting and stenciling etc.

Suggested basecoats: use our Lazure Glaze over a pre-prepared base coat of The Natural Paint Company Wall Paint. Can also be used to topcoat over existing wall coatings when they have been tested first for compatibility.


Use The Natural Paint Company Lazure Glaze for interior Gib board, plaster, concrete, mud brick surfaces. Used as a glaze over a painted base when a paint effect is required.


15-100m² per litre depending on the dilutions and substrate absorbency.

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Lazure Glaze

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