Powder Pigments


Non-toxic pigments used for tinting suitable products in The Natural Paint Company range or for artists when mixing their own paints.

Made from earth, minerals, metal oxides and mixed oxides.

Colours available:

Ochre Red


Red Iron Oxide

Ultramarine Blue

Ultramarine Violet

Venetian Red

Milori Blue

Red (Almost a pink)

Sun Yellow

Spinell Green

Burnt Umber (Dark brown version of umber)


French Ochre

Ochre Yellow

Sienna de Verona

Pearlescent White

Burnt Sienna

Vine Black

Slate Grey

Ochre Rust brown

Terra Ercolano

Pale Green Earth

Buff Titanium

Fawn Ochre

Spinell Turquoise

Spinell Blue

Yellow Orange



Use our Powder Pigments by premixing them into a carrier before adding to our Lazure Glaze; our Exterior Silicate Paint; or for artists own recipes. See detailed instructions on the Data Sheet.


1 x 75g container makes 100mls of liquid pigment.

Data Sheet

Powder Pigments

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