Oils & Waxes

VOC Free  |  Non-Toxic  |  Carbon Zero

When choosing a natural coating for timber in your home there are a number of options available from wax, to oils to natural varnish. The Natural Paint Company’s natural coatings allow wooden surfaces to breathe while giving protection and natural beauty to your home and living environment.

Natural Gib Primer And Sealer

Hard Wax

A natural, hard wax which forms a transparent, durable, anti-static, silky gloss finish. While sealing the pores, The Natural Paint Company Hard Wax also repels water and dirt. Contains no Toluene.

Bench Top Oil

A natural solvent-free oil for interior timber surfaces that is water resistant and has good stain resistance to coffee, red wine, fruit juice and similar substances. The Natural Paint Company Bench Top Oil penetrates well into the timber and produces an open-pored, antistatic, silky matt, richly toned and wear resistant finish.

Pure Tung Oil

A natural oil extracted from the seeds of the tung tree. Also known as China wood oil, wood oil and nut oil. The Natural Paint Company Tung Oil penetrates deeply into the timber, and gives an elastic, water-resistant, well sealing surface. It can be used as a finishing oil that is non-toxic and food safe (FDA).

Wood Priming Oil

A high-quality primer for interior timber surfaces that penetrates deeply into the timber. The Natural Paint Company Universal Priming Oil enhances the colour and grain, giving an open-pored, silky matt even surface in preperation for topcoating. Minimal yellowing over time.

Exterior Oil

The Natural Paint Company Exterior Oil is a water-based; oil modified stain formulated for all types of timbers including exterior decking.

The penetrating semi-transparent finish delivers excellent UV resistance combined with water repellence and anti-mold properties. Based on natural raw materials, our Exterior Oil offers an excellent Low VOC, long lasting option for any exterior timber.

Available in a clear finish or a range of beautiful stains.