Colour Chart Collections

Colour Chart Collections

Colour Chart Collections

Let our colours inspire you. With our 100 colours, you're free to create the look you love.

Our hand painted, removal colour chips allow you to place colours in and amongst your environment, bringing your vision to life. 

Choose up to 3 palettes for free and create your own unique colour collection that reflects you, your home and your tastes. Receive your free personalised collection within 1-2 working days (please allow 1 extra day for rural deliveries)

If you would like more than 3 palettes, simply add them to your cart for just $2 each

The look of our colour range can vary across different computer screens. We recommend viewing these colours on a modern computer screen and using the samples here as a guide only. 

As low as $2.00

Naturally timeless

Effortlessly classic, contemporary or anywhere in between. This honest, harmonious family of colours are a great place to start as they complement any style, setting the scene for the life happening around it.

Warm & Cosy

They’re natural, they’re understated, yet they transition beautifully with shifting light.  Adapting easily to any décor, these colours will bring comfort and warmth to any space in your home.

Down to earth

Neutrals go beyond grey and brown into earthy hues like stone, mud, clay, sand and ochre. Colours in this family are warm and reliable.  It's no surprise that these earthy colours make you feel grounded.

I’m blushing

A scrumptious blend of rosy hues and dusty lavenders that speak soft, classic and playful. Its hard to choose just one…


 Pastel perfection

These softly spoken hues of green and blue come together for a pastel compilation that gracefully breezes through your home. With light, airy tones bringing you an uplifting feel, their unique blend will look flawless in any light.


A gathering of green

Natures beauty is flourishing with this versatile collection of minty hues to forest greens. This refreshing palette reflects natures-infused tranquillity and sophisticated charm for every style of your home.


The everyday grey

Providing balance to your room or helping your home find its soft side, there is an undeniable elegance to grey. Equally stylish and sensible, this palette is one of our design favourites.  It’s time to find your perfect shade of grey.

Rustic chic

Think linen, hemp and natural cottons all brought together to create a peaceful atmosphere. Relax and unwind in your slice of paradise.

 After dark

Rich in colour that speak strong and rugged. Make a statement with these luxurious shades that draw your eye to that special part of your room.

Dive in deep

These multi-layered tones give you an essence of the sea and sky, daring you to dive in deep. Deeply saturated blues and greens ooze a dependable and classic style, creating a rich and mysterious feel.  

Fall for me

Fall head over heels with this romantic and dreamy collection. The saturation of these colours is beautifully offset with lighter tones. The reds and yellows gracefully harmonise with warmer whites, found in our Warm & cosy palette.


Bold & beautiful

These vibrant shades are designed to inspire you. Be bold. Be brave. Express yourself.


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