Eco Safe Exterior Paint

Eco Safe Exterior Paint

Eco Safe Exterior Paint

The Natural Paint Company Eco-Safe Exterior Paint is formulated as a high performance, self-priming finishing coat, giving a tough and flexible membrane for protecting, waterproofing and decorating a variety of exterior surfaces.

Recommended for use as an exterior weatherboard paint but may also be used as a roofing paint.

Eco-Safe Exterior Paint ensures maximum UV resistance, waterproofing, moss resistance and gloss retention all while using high quality environmentally friendly ingredients.

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As low as $145.00

When dry, Eco-Safe Exterior Paint has excellent abrasion resistance and is fully washable. May be used for potable water collection.

Available in a Low-Sheen, Semi-Gloss or Gloss. The Natural Paint Company Eco-Safe Exterior Paint is guaranteed for at least 10 years (Conditions Apply).

Uses: As a high-performance finish for use on new or pre-painted Exterior Substrates including:

  • Timber 
  • Brick 
  • Concrete 
  • Plasterboard 
  • Galvanized iron 
  • Fibre Cement Board 

Eco-Safe Exterior Paint may be applied directly to all suitably primed metal substrates that are in good condition, sound cementitious surfaces, new timber and pre-painted exterior weatherboards.

Although Eco-Safe Exterior Paint can be applied direct on most surfaces, to meet our warranty guidelines the best long-term protection is gained when a 3 coat system (1 coat of Speciality Undercoat/ 2 coats of Eco-Safe Exterior Paint) is used.

Ingredients: Water, titanium dioxide, Non-Hazardous Acrylic Polymer, APE free detergent stabilizers, preservatives permitted by the FDA, Non-Hazardous Biocides at less than 0.005%.

Coverage: 12m² per litre depending on the surface porosity, texture and profile.

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