Exterior Silicate Paint

Exterior Silicate Paint

Exterior Silicate Paint

A natural, environmentally responsible, VOC-free water-based paint for use on mineral substrates in exterior situations.

The Natural Paint Company Exterior Silicate Paint bonds with the surface to form a hard wearing, beautifully matt finish. Providing an opportunity to use a highly resilient paint system.

The Natural Paint Company Exterior Silicate Paint is both anti-fungal and breathable, with antistatic properties (meaning the surface may be easier to keep clean as it attracts less dirt build-up).

Use our Exterior Silicate Paint for raw, new uncoated concrete, stucco or other exterior mineral substrates.

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As low as $75.00

A solvent-free and VOC-free, matt, breathable mineral paint. The Natural Paint Company Exterior Silicate Paint reacts and bonds with the surface creating a lightfast, durable and non-combustible coating. Based on potassium waterglass, it is fast drying, well covering, anti-fungal and anti-static.

Uses: As a paint for uncoated or new exterior mineral absorbent substrates:

  • Lime-based plaster 
  • Concrete 
  • Cement plaster 
  • Stucco 
  • Sandstone 
  • Repainting old stable lime or silicate-painted substrates 

Note: Not suitable for use on acrylic paint or non-mineral substrates.

Coverage: 6-8m² per litre for substrates with a medium absorbency level. Can vary considerably depending on surface structure and absorbency.

Ingredients: Water, potassium waterglass, chalk, mica, quartz, titanium dioxide, acrylic dispersion, polysaccharide, cellulose, sodium phosphonate, organic ammonium compound, fatty acid polyether derivate, mineral powder derived from chloride iron oxides.

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