Feature Paint

Feature Paint

Feature Paint

The Natural Paint Co Feature Paint is a VOC free, solvent free, water/oil based combination that offers the durability of a hard wearing oil based enamel, with the easy clean up of a water-based enamel.

Washable and available in our mid-dark colours, our feature paint has been designed to bring the beautiful dark and deep toned colours to life without compromising on quality.

Can be used for feature walls, furniture, joinery, trim and doors and toys.

If painting on bare timber or bare Aqualine gib use our Undercoat/Pigmented Sealer first. If painting onto fresh gib walls in non wet areas, prime with our Gib Primer/Sealer first

See below for more information.

As low as $6.00

Uses: As a paint finish for interior surfaces including:

  • Timber surfaces, such as, windows, doors, sills, mouldings, toys and furniture (excluding Cedar) 
  • Gib, Aqualine Gib, MDF, chipboard, plywood, plaster, wallpaper, concrete 
  • Metal surfaces including steel, aluminium and copper (limitations may apply)

Coverage: 10-14m² per litre depending on substrate.

Ingredients: Dehydrated castor oil, titanium dioxide, colophony resin ester, anti-oxidants, clay, zinc oxide, Proprietary complex driers (non-hazardous).

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