Supplementary Products

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While offering naturally beautiful coatings for your living spaces, The Natural Paint Company also has a range of environmentally responsible products which can help with thinning, cleaning and maintaining interior surfaces. Click any product below to find out more.

Natural Wall And Ceiling Paint

Citrus Thinner

A natural thinner with a pleasant citrus smell, The Natural Paint Company Thinner is an excellent solvent for natural resin and oil-based paints and varnishes. Also suitable for cleaning oily and fatty surfaces and tools. Free of synthetic solvents: toluene, benzene napthenes and aromatic compounds.

Natural Enamel Paint

Floor Care

A natural breathable milky polish for surfaces coated with The Natural Paint Company varnishes, waxes and oils and other similar coatings. Biodegradable and fast drying,

The Natural Paint Company Floor Care forms a silky, anti-slip finish which enhances and protects the surface from both dirt and mechanical wear. Regular use will prolong the life of the surface coating. Floor Care contains no chemical preservatives, chlorides, ammonia or phosphates..