Floor Care


The blend of essential oils and waxes make this natural, non-toxic product a pleasant polish to use while protecting surfaces. The Natural Paint Company Floor Care gives a soft, subtle sheen and when used regularly will help prolong the life of surfaces coated in natural varnishes, oils and waxes.

Use to revitalise your floors and timber surfaces and to protect against stains and wear. This polish allows the coating and timber/substrate to breathe, is anti-static, washable and biodegradable.

Easy to use, our Floor Care can simply be added to a bucket of warm water and moped over your floors or wiped over interior surfaces to refresh, restore and revitalise.
Can be used in conjunction with our Household Cleaner.


Use The Natural Paint Company’s natural and non-toxic Floor Care for naturally coated interior timber surfaces such as floors, benchtops, cork and plywood or stone, concrete, granite and tiles.

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Floor Care

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