Interior Paints

Painting walls has never been more fun than with The Natural Paint Company’s beautiful range of colours. Whatever painting project you are planning in your home – whether it’s where you prepare and eat food or the most delicate areas like bedrooms or baby’s nursery – The Natural Paint Company has a range of environmentally responsible paints suitable for you.

Wall Paint

Matt and chalky with a gorgeous finish enhancing any room. Made from natural ingredients, the wall paint is water-based, VOC-free and allows walls to breathe. Quick-drying and washable it comes in a wide colour range.

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Wall Paint Primer

For use with BioPaints Wall Paint.

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Enamel Paint

Matt or gloss, the plant oil based enamel offers a hard-wearing, durable finish. With excellent flow properties it gives a beautiful, high-quality porcelain finish which is breathable and scrubbable.

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Enamel Undercoat

For use with BioPaints Enamel Paint.

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Lazure Glaze

A water-based translucent glaze that adds life and depth to wall finishes. With an irresistible aroma (think lavender mixed with lemon grass) it can be used for creative treatments such as ragging, sponging, stippling, colour washing, dragging, stripes etc. Very quick-drying.

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Powder Pigments

An opportunity to tint your own paints using powder pigments. Can be mixed into artist-grade mediums for artworks and into appropriate paint products for interior applications.

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Aqualine gib

For those of you using Aqualine gib in your bathroom, laundry etc. Just an important reminder that you  need to seal the gib  first as the board is water resistant and needs a sealer  to key in. You can then use either of our paints over the top of it. The undercoat we use for […]

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Disclaimer: The above information is given as a general guide only. Site conditions will vary and it is always advisable to apply a test sample. Failure to follow the above instructions will void any implied warranties attached to the product. As colours vary from one computer monitor to another, please always confirm colours against the colour chart and with test pots before ordering quantities of tinted paint as these are non-refundable.