Colour Chart

Colour Chart

Colour Chart

Our colour charts are probably unlike any you have seen before...

We understand how important choosing the correct colour is, and truth be told, standard colour charts let you down badly.

You see, standard colour charts are printed, and while the colours are close, they are not the exact colour, texture or sheen. Also, the colours are all next to each other, which actually affects how you see them. (You may have seen the famous illusion where a grey square can be made to look dark or light depending on the shade of squares next to it.)

We have a much better solution...

Our custom colour charts are hand-painted, removal tabs that allow you to place the colours in and amongst your environment, bringing your vision to life.

You can create your own unique colour palette of 10 colours from our stunning range of 100 colours that reflects you, your home and your tastes. All you need to do is select which colours you would like to experiment with from the dropdowns below.

Once we have received your selection, we will then put together your personalised colour chart, and have it to you within 1-2 working days.

Your first 10 colour tabs are free
(additional sets of 10 can be ordered for $2.00 per set)

Grouped product items
Colour Tab 1
Colour Tab 2
Colour Tab 3
Colour Tab 4
Colour Tab 5
Colour Tab 6
Colour Tab 7
Colour Tab 8
Colour Tab 9
Colour Tab 10

To view the full range of available colours, please visit our colour range page.

Receive your free personalised colour palette in 1-2 working days (you will need to allow a little extra for rural delivery).

Your first 10 colours are free.  If you would like more than 10 colours you can continue to pick from our full colour range for an additional $2.00 per set of 10 colour tabs. (remember, each tab is a handpainted sample of the actual paint. These are not your typical printed charts that you will get from any of our major competitors).

While we believe our colour charts are the best in the industry, we still highly recommend ordering test pots rather than a colour chart if you already have a good idea of which colours you like. Every environment is unique, and any colour will have a different feel when painted over a larger area. 

To order a set of test pots for just $19.95 (including free shipping, a free paint brush, and a $20 discount voucher) click here.

We look forward to helping you to create your healthier living environment.

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