Natural Paints
For Healthier Living Environments
With an extensive and vibrant colour range
That are safer for you & the family
For a Durable and Naturally Beautiful finish
Oils, Varnishes and Waxes
With no compromise
For the home and workplace

The Experience

Using more natural products in your home is something we love to help with. Created right here in New Zealand, we have developed quality paints which are safer to use, environmentally responsible and made from natural and renewable resources. We tell you what ingredients are in each product, we’ll answer your questions as best as we can and we’ll be honest with you. We understand the importance of keeping your family healthy. 

The Difference

Our products offer a natural alternative to conventional chemical based paints without compromising quality, performance or colour.  We use chalk, china clay, plant oils and tree resins that are healthier to use, durable and fully washable. Our natural paints, oils, varnishes and waxes will leave you with a breathable finish, allowing moisture to move through the layers and disperse, instead of being trapped, all while giving you a beautiful finish. 

Not Just Eco

An “Eco” paint labelled as VOC free does not mean it is any safer or better for your health – it simply means it has less impact on smog and pollution. VOC free paints can still contain high levels of harmful chemicals which have a negative impact on your health and your home’s indoor air quality. Our paints are VOC free making them better for the earth AND they are free of harmful chemicals making them better for you.  

What Our Clients Say

New Zealand’s only castle – Larnach Castle was built in 1871. The original Kauri floors have to withstand the effects of the growing number of visitors every year. We needed something to maintain the original floor boards up to the high standard expected and started using The Natural Paint Company Hard Wax and Floor Care in 2008. It revived the timbers and has given them a lovely shine. We like the fact that the Hard Wax product is made with Natural Waxes and has a lovely lemon aroma.

Rowena Jopson, Cleaning Supervisor

Larnach Castle, Dunedin

Your products suit our eco homes perfectly. Your paint products are excellent to use, they go on with ease and touch ups are made easy and our clients enjoy the colour range. (The) oils and varnishes compliment the large amount of wood we use in our homes and bring out the natural colours and effects in the wood and offer lasting protection. We have found the advice and support of the staff at The Natural Paint Company to be extremely helpful.

Doug Clark, Painter

Terra Firma Earth Building Company Ltd, Raglan

We chose The Natural Paint Company for their environmental ethos and as a healthy alternative to standard toxic products. We have been pleased with how the paints have performed, how pleasant they were to work with and also impressed with the friendly, knowledgeable and helpful staff.

Dr Hayden Thomas, Chiropractor


For us, using The Natural Paint Company is a no-brainer. Lovely service, high quality products, and an environmentally responsible company. And the paint smells nice too!

Hannah Schickedanz, Editor

World Sweet World Magazine, Wellington

We couldn’t be happier with the quality and finish of your products. The application of paint to our café walls, sealer to the floors and to the ceiling was painless and the drying process, and its citrus scent, a breeze. We recommend The Natural Paint Company to interested customers because we believe in the natural ethos of this company… And because our café prides itself on good environmental practices, we like to support others who are equally aware of their responsibility to the planet.

Green Land Café

Ground Floor, Ministry for the Environment Building, Wellington

…Being one of the painters that spent three weeks of nights painting the interior (of Greenpeace’s new premises)it was great to work with paint that didn’t leave you with a headache and sore eyes and it looks great. Many thanks.

Bunny McDiarmid, Executive Director

Greenpeace NZ

I first came across your products when I first moved to NZ about 6 yrs ago. I had found out that my son, then a baby, was severely allergic to a number of foods and also chemically sensitive. This meant that we had to be extremely careful with any chemical (read soap, cleaning products, cosmetics and of course paint) that we used around him and around the house. After doing a fair amount of research we decided to use your wall paint for the walls. The paints…were lovely to use. The only smell was a lovely citrus scent that was great to work with. It is now about 6 years since we painted and the walls still look good.

Pilar Cerezo-Gomez, Physiotherapist


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We offer a full house system of Paints, Oils, Varnishes and Waxes from Primers and Undercoats, to high quality top coats for all interior and exterior surfaces including walls, ceilings, wet areas, doors, floors and more.

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