Prep and prime for poor weather.

The leaves are starting to hit the deck, and the days are growing cooler. You might be wondering if you're ready for winter--and if your home is, too. With a little bit of mahi, you can protect your home from the severity of the elements, with natural products that love the earth as much as you do.

Our Exterior Range

Pure Danish Oil

There are few better ways to give wood a new lease on life than a fresh coat of oil. Even better, it'll prepare wood for the elements and keep water damage away. Our Pure Danish Oil is made with Citrus Oil extracted from juice industry wastage, and with pure Tung Oil extracted from Tung tree seeds. This dynamic duo creates a 100% natural product that is non-toxic and completely water resistant. Your outdoor furniture, decking and even outdoor animal hutches will be set for the rain once the Pure Danish Oil gets into their grooves.

Eco Mould Kill

This bleach-free product is friendly to both people and the planet, and is your solution to the kind of mould that can build up as the seasons change. It's a two-ingredient winner: water, cetrimide... and that is literally all. Waterblast or scrub surfaces with Eco Mould Kill to remove the physical debris of dead Fungi--even soft furnishings, fabrics and linens! It’s safe for plants, pets and you... but will kill any mould it meets!

Enamel & Exterior Paint

Our Enamel & Exterior Paint comes in two stunning finishes – low sheen and semi-gloss – so once you narrow down which of our 150 colours you’re vibing for your autumn exterior glow-up, you can’t go wrong! All our paints are non-toxic and incredibly durable, and our Enamel & Exterior paint is incredibly moss-resistant, keeping your home pristine over the gloomier months. To back it up, our 10-year exterior paint guarantee offers you complete peace of mind before you kick off your autumn exterior repaint.

Quality without compromise

We're so confident in our paint formulations and product performance that you'll get an industry-leading 25 year guarantee with us.

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