Painting Doors, trims and everything in-between

It's the little things that are often overlooked when painting but they truly make all the difference.

How to tackle your architraves

It's all about the details when painting your home. Painting your doors and skirting boards with Enamel Paint ensures they're scuff proof and water resistant.

Doorway trim

Why use Enamel Paint?

Enamel Paint is a special blend of plant oils and resins that make it extremely durable, washable and water resistant. It's perfect for high humidity and high traffic areas that are subject to wear and tear. As doors and skirting boards are high touch features of your home it's important they're well protected.

Study area with sandy brown walls

How to prep your surfaces?

Carefully hammer in any nails that have popped out before using filler to plug their holes. Give the area a good sand down with a sanding sponge and lay on your undercoat in preparation for your Enamel Paint. For internal spaces we'd recommend our Undercoat / Pigmented Sealer and for the outdoors, Specialty Undercoat will do the job nicely.

Green doorway

What tools do you need?

For smaller surfaces like architraves go with an angled brush for those tight corners. With doors or windowsills, a semi-smooth roller will give you a nice and even coat. Ahead of time to avoid a messy application, tape is your best friend!

24 house

Let's talk about colour

Neutrals are often the way to go, these make a bold wall really pop. If you've gone with an off-white then a doubling the shade to highlight the architraves is a good look.

Pick your colour and let's get started on those doors and trims