Exterior coatings to stand the test of time

Our 10 year exterior guarantee is sure to give you confidence in getting those exteriors looking new again!

Freshening up your exterior?

Our long-lasting exterior paint and oils are high performing to leave your homes exteriors fresh for years to come. Being UV, moss and mould resistant, and most importantly, water-resistant our exterior coatings are the perfect solution for freshening up your outdoor space.

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Staining the exterior timbers?

Perfect for freshening up your exterior timbers including decking, the fence or your home's timber exterior cladding. Our long lasting Exterior Stain comes in multiple colours sure to bring your exterior timbers to life. With UV resistance, mould resistance and water repellant properties our stain is sure to last 2-3 years before needing a top up.

Kiwi Batch Style Backyard

Fresh lick of paint?

Looking to get a fresh lick of paint on the exterior as the months get warmer? Our Enamel & Exterior Paint is perfect not only for interior wet areas, but also painting your exterior areas. Coming in our full 150 timeless colour range we have got you covered for all colour pairings.

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Clear finish for the timbers?

Wanting to bring out the best in your exterior timbers? Our Pure Danish Oil is perfect for penetrating deeply into your timbers, giving them a beautiful rich finish. Our Pure Danish Oil is the perfect finish for your exterior cladding, decking and furniture - fully water-resistant this is the perfect non-toxic oil finish for your exterior timbers.


Prepping those exterior surfaces is the best way to ensure your exteriors are extra ready for a fresh lick of paint. Apart from the all important colour choices, if your house is weatherboard, it's best to check surfaces for any rotted or damaged weatherboards needing replaced.

Once the surface has been checked, give it a clean to remove any dirt or cobwebs then apply two coats of our Speciality Undercoat prior to popping your coloured topcoat on.

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Finding the right colour

Deciding the right paint colour for the outside of your house can be a tough one – it's the first impression everyone sees from the street! We've dropped a few popular exterior colours below.