Exterior Paints

VOC Free  |  Non-Toxic  |  Carbon Zero

When it comes to painting and coating surfaces and substrates, you cannot get much more demanding expectations than the outdoors; harsh sun, cold rain, frost and salty winds take their toll on exterior surfaces. Therefore it it critical to choose the right coverings for surfaces that are exposed to these elements.

No matter if you are touching up a few windows, painting the house or a garden shed, or giving fresh life to the garden bench, we have paints that not only look great, but will protect against the harshest of conditions. 

Natural Wall And Ceiling Paint

Eco Safe Exterior Paint

A high quality, durable exterior paint that is tough enough to be used on walls or as a roofing paint. It is UV and mold resistant, and helps provide a layer of waterproofing.

Available in a wide range of colours, and in different sheen levels, you can be sure that whatever you decide to protect will look amazing for years to come.

Natural Gib Primer And Sealer

Exterior Silicate Paint

An Exterior Silicate Paint that bonds with the surface to form a hard wearing, matt finish. It is both anti-fungal and breathable, and perfect for or raw, new uncoated concrete, stucco or other exterior mineral substrates.

It also has antistatic properties, making surfaces easier to keep clean by reducing dirt build-up.

Natural Gib Primer And Sealer

Exterior Silicate Fixative

A natural VOC-free water-based binder and thinner for priming and stabilizing highly absorbent mineral surfaces.

Use to seal and stabilise absorbent substrates including raw, new, uncoated concrete and stucco. Can also be used to thin the Natural Paint Company's Natural Exterior Silicate paint.

Natural Gib Primer And Sealer

Undercoat & Pigmented Sealer

A durable and versatile water-based undercoat made from natural raw materials. It is highly elastic, water-repellent and easy to sand.

The Natural Paint Co Undercoat his VOC and solvent free. Suitable for interior and exterior use.