Long Lasting Hardwood Floor Finish

Leave your floors with a rich, beautiful finish and room smelling fresh for 7-10 years with our VOC-free, non-toxic Hard Floor Oil

A highly durable plant-based flooring oil for long lasting beautiful timber floors.

An excellent alternative to water-based polyurethane, our Hard Floor Oil is VOC-free and free of all harmful chemicals. Providing a durable finish for interior timber flooring, giving them a beautiful finish while retaining natural colours.

Hard timber floor in living room

The best non-toxic alternative

Our Hard Floor Oil is an excellent water-based polyurethane alternative. Being VOC-free, our non-toxic oil leaves your house smelling fresh allowing you to live in your space while oiling your floors.

Bedroom with brown walls

Get a durable finish

Leaving a durable finish is top of mind to ensure you get the best out of our oil for years to come. By creating a film on top of your flooring, our hard-wearing flooring oil can stand the test of time for all busy environments.

Grey wall in living area setting

More than a floor oil

Our Hard Floor Oil is a durable coating for many interior timbers not limited to timber flooring! Given it's high quality and waterproof finish, our Hard Floor Oil is perfect for coating to give your interior timbers a rich Matt finish.

Consider using this oil for your timber flooring, windows, doors, furniture, toys, cord, chipboard, MDF and more.



Our Hard Floor Oil offers a create coverage rate of 20-25m² per litre depending on the absorbency of the timber. It is 12-15m² per litre approximately for first coat on most timbers, chipboard and absorbent substrates.


Our Hard Floor Oil offers a durable finish to interior timbers lasting up to 7-10 years before needing a re-coat. To extend durability apply a layer of our Timber Care.

The perfect flooring combo