Breathe new life into your interior spaces

We spend most of our time inside our home, especially if we WFH too. Giving your space a new lease on life is an easy win when it comes to DIYing around the home.

Refresh your space to make it feel like new

And when you do, choose a natural, sustainable paint option for your home.

If you ask us, you'll get the biggest impact by starting with the living room or foyer. It can then be time to move on to the kitchens and bathrooms, followed by your bedrooms and hallways.

The paints you'll need

Doorway trim

Wall Paint

When you're doing your walls, it's best to go natural. And going natural doesn't mean you don't have to sacrifice on colour anymore. Choose from our timeless, curated range of 150 colours – from subtle neutrals to statement colours.

Maiko bathroom

Enamel and Exterior Paint

Don't let the "Exterior" part confuse you, our Enamel Paint is the durable paint you'll need for your 'wet' areas (think bathrooms and kitchens) or for high traffic, scuffable areas that need a more durable finish (think windows, trims, and doors).

Cream walled restuarant eating area

Ceiling Paint

Our top tip – don't forget about the ceiling. What may feel like a small detail, the truth is that the look's not complete without your ceiling tying the whole look together.

Ingredients are important

We're so confident in our paint formulations and product performance that you'll get an industry-leading 25 year guarantee with us.

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