Give your baby a fresh start to life

Create a lush oasis for your new arrival!

Whether you're going for neutral tones, blush pinks, calm blues or lush greens, Natural Paint Co. has you covered. Our VOC-free paint will leave your baby's bedroom air healthy and fresh so you can rest easy at night.

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Why is VOC-free best for your baby?

When decorating a nursery, health and safety for your baby is top of mind. When buying paint for your future arrival's room, VOC-free paint is the way to go. Natural Paint Co. paint is VOC-free to ensure your indoor (and outdoor) air quality is healthy and safe for you and your family to breathe all year round.

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Why natural is best for your baby?

It's safe to say, getting the nursery ready for your new arrival is an exciting experience. There's so many decisions to make around colour, furniture, decor etc – one thing we know for certain is that the use of natural oils and paints are the way to go to ensure your baby has a safe environment to be welcomed into. As traditional paints contain fumes and chemical additives that can linger, natural paint is the right alternative to create a safe space for you and your new arrival.

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Creating a safe sleep oasis for your baby

Sleep is an important part of life, especially as you settle into life with your newborn. Creating a calming, safe space for babies to sleep in is an important part to help encourage good sleep habits.

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Let's talk colour

Styling the room is an exciting part of nesting for your new arrival – a lick of natural paint on the walls will always liven up the place. Our range of 150 timeless colours is sure to have something for you to make this space special.

Neutrally beautiful

Fresh, natural green shades bring a calm vibe to your little one's nursery. Needing a bit of a head start? We've dropped our favourite greens below.

Baby Blue Nursery

Dreamy baby blues

Dreamy baby blues create a soothing, serene vibe within your nursery. Check out our top calming blues below.

Blush pink nursery setting

Lush baby pinks

Lush baby pinks create a calming, tranquil setting. Explore our lush baby pinks to inspire your nursery directions.

Go on, get started on the exciting transformation of babe's room!