Here's why natural paint is the best choice for you and the planet

Sustainable, healthy house paint is the future.

Did you know indoor air can be up to five times more polluted than outside? And that many other conventional paint formulations contain harmful chemicals?

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are one of the bad guys, they're a key contributor to the toxins that can be released during and after painting. Though, you'll find in New Zealand that most low VOC paints only measure VOCs that are negatively affecting our outdoor air pollution, and continue to contain ingredients that affect our indoor air quality.

You can sleep easy knowing that Natural Paint Co. take a holistic view in using ingredients that keep both your indoor and outdoor air healthy and fresh – all of our paints are VOC-free.

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Our formulas prioritise natural, renewable resources

Conventional petrochemical-based household paints often contain solvents and synthetic ingredients which release harmful toxins into the air, both during application and often for years to come. Our natural paints are made from raw materials that can be found in nature, come from self-renewing resources, and can be recycled and composted after use.

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Totally transparent ingredient list – that's a big deal

We disclose all the ingredients in our paint, a NZ first for the paint market. More importantly, we steer clear of some of the more common paint ingredients, including texanol, volatile organic compounds, pthalates, alkylphenol ethoxylates, polyurethane/isocyanates or xylene.

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Top performance without compromise

With some of the industry's highest coverage rates, and an industry-leading 25 year interior guarantee, you don't have to just take our word for it. Long lasting and durable, we're confident that our finishes are all-round better than the other alternatives.

Quality without compromise

We're so confident in our paint formulations and product performance that you'll get an industry-leading 25 year guarantee with us.

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