About us

Once upon a time all paint was made from natural ingredients . . .

At The Natural Paint Company ours still is.

The Natural Paint Company is New Zealand’s largest natural paint and wood finish company. Combining the durability and healthiness of natural ingredients, with the most advanced technology and up to date knowledge in the painting industry, we have developed the first natural paints created in New Zealand, for New Zealand conditions.

As a 100% New Zealand owned and operated company we do everything we can to ensure that all of our products live up to our own high ethical and professional standards. We pride ourselves on providing New Zealand with a safe and healthy range of high quality, affordable and durable surface finishes that are not only naturally beautiful to look at but also to live with.

Each ingredient in our products has an important role to play and is carefully chosen – otherwise it wouldn’t be there. Ingredients are selected because they perform well, and because they offer ecologically and socially responsible solutions.

Providing and developing finishes in New Zealand for over 20 years, we care about what we do, how we do it and who we do it for. We are taking our old recipes forward.


A careful manufacturing process, which we call ‘Nature’s Gentle Chemistry’, transforms natural oils, gums, resins and waxes into products of premium technical quality.  This, combined with our pigments sourced from renewable plants and minerals, produce colours which blend harmoniously into your environment.


For the production of our natural paints, we use raw materials that:

  • Can be found in nature
  • Come from self-renewing resources
  • Nature can safely recycle after use
  • Have a minimal impact on the environment and our employees during the manufacturing process
  • Contain natural insecticides and pesticides which repel insects and inhibit the growth of mould
  • Significantly reduces the amount of toxins released into the air during and after painting.

Did you know: Conventional chemical based household paints often contain over 1,000 ingredients, and most are not identified on the label.  Even conventional Low VOC paints can still be heavily loaded with chemicals, solvents and synthetic ingredients which release harmful toxins into the air during and after application – often for years.


At The Natural Paint Company, we believe a genuinely healthy and ecologically sound product should be as harmless as possible – for the consumer using it, for the workers making it, for the tradespeople applying it, and for the environment – within your home, across your country and throughout our world.

Our products have been happily used for years by asthma and allergy sufferers, along with environmentally and health conscious businesses, individuals, and tradesman.  And because they are all natural, our paints allow your walls to breathe which means improved air quality, less mildew and mould, no unpleasant odours and a healthier living environment.


There is a common misconception that natural paints are not as durable as chemical ones.  However, long term tests have proven that when correctly applied the durability of our paints is equal to that of synthetic paints.  If the application of The Natural Paint Company products is combined with other principles of ‘biological building’ and eco-friendly practice, they can even outlast conventional paints and finishes.


  • Affordable products that combine excellent performance and durability with ease of use and pleasant smells.
  • Wall paints and Enamel products are completely free of solvents and harmful volatile organic compounds
  • By using natural ingredients and renewable resources, our paints have less impact on the environment and offer a healthier paint alternative to chemically based paints.
  • All of the ingredients in each product are disclosed right on the can.
  • Uniquely stunning colour range which is always increasing. We also have the ability to colour match to virtually any other paint colour available.
  • Wall Paint, Enamels, Primers and Undercoats have you covered for all interior and exterior painting, whilst our oils, varnishes and waxes offer a beautifully superior natural finish to all timbers.
James: Co-Founder & Director
James, originally from Nelson, is The Natural Paint Company’s managing director and natural paint enthusiast.  He opened the doors in April of 2015 in Christchurch, with his long term partner Grace (co-founder).
James finds his passion and drive for the company by focusing his energy on providing the best quality natural products for customers without having them sacrifice durability, performance and customer service. James is committed to creating a company that continually stands by its ethos and with like-minded health conscious individuals and businesses, looks forward to continued growth of The Natural Paint Company, servicing all of New Zealand with natural oils, varnishes and waxes along with the only natural paints in the world to be made right here in our beautiful country and changing the face of the painting/decorating industry as we know it.
In his spare time, he enjoys the outdoors, keeping fit and active, socialising with friends and family, working on self-development and scuba diving.
Grace: Co-founder & Head of Customer Satisfaction
Also raised in Nelson and now living in Christchurch, Grace is the co-founder of The Natural Paint Company.
“Together, James and I took a dream, grabbed it by the horns, ran with it and got it started (and are running faster now more than ever). Owning and running my own company hadn’t always been my dream or reality, I completed and graduated my nursing degree in 2013 and worked as a nurse for 15 months before starting the Natural Paint Company. I continued to work full time as a nurse and run the TNPC in my spare time (I had two full time jobs), I have slowly reduced my nursing hours and am spending more and more time in the business.
My dedication for this business lies in my underlying passion for primary healthcare where I began my career and currently still work. Health for me has always been about the ‘ambulance at the top of the hill, not the bottom’. I am passionate about keeping people well, seeing people being able to live their life to the fullest and in the best capacity My dedication for The Natural Paint Company comes from seeing a gap in the market and servicing a need across NZ to ensure every New Zealander has access to a natural, healthy alternative too harmful, acrylic, chemical based brands that currently dominate the market. I believe all New Zealander’s need to be conscious of their health and do everything in their power to keep well, because the ‘greatest wealth is health’.”
In spare time, I enjoy reading, socialising with family and friends, keeping fit and healthy, dancing and travel.

Rob: Head of Manufacturing

With years of industry experience Rob brings his know how to ensure operations run smoothly, and that we keep up with demand. Rob is obsessed with the detail, guaranteeing only the highest quality products. 

Tom: Lead Scientist

With over 30 years experience in developing paint formulas, Tom knows what it takes to make really good paint. His knowledge is second to none, and he understands the importance of getting the right ingredients in the right quantities. 

Leon: Head of Technology

Leon has designed and developed countless sites, and even developed his own online business platform. He has spoken on stages around the world, and written several books on the subject, including one on why and how business can become more socially and environmentally sustainable. He makes sure that not only does our site do what you expect, but that it does so with minimum footprint. 

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