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Our paint and oil products are made right here in New Zealand with high-quality plant and earth-based materials. We prioritise ingredients that can be found in nature and are sustainability sourced.


Sustainable & renewable materials

Every product we offer is created from natural and renewable resources.

Conventional petrochemical-based household paints often contain over 1,000 ingredients. Most are not listed on the label. These paints can be heavily loaded with chemicals, solvents and synthetic ingredients which release harmful toxins into the air. This can occur during and after application, often for years to come.

Our natural paints are made from raw materials that can be found in nature, come from self-renewing resources, and can be recycled after use.

VOC Free

VOC-free – Better for the environment

Volatile Organic Compounds are well known to be a significant contributor to harmful toxins being released during and after painting. Unfortunately in New Zealand, most low VOC paints only measure VOC's that are negatively affecting our outdoor air pollution. This means conventional paints can still include harmful chemicals which aren't considered VOC's, but are still toxic to our indoor air quality.

All of our paints are VOC-free* and free of all other nasty chemicals. You can rest assured that our paints are helping to keep your indoor and outdoor air healthy and fresh.

*VOC-free as defined by GREENGUARD Certification (<5g/l)

Sustainability Forest

Saving 1m2 of rainforest for every 1m2 of paint

For every 1sqm of area you paint or oil with our products, Natural Paint Co. saves 1sqm of Amazonian rainforest through a rainforest trust. This means for every 10-litre pail you buy, you will be directly saving around 8 car parking spaces of precious forest from deforestation. To date we have saved over 4 million sqm of Amazonian Rainforest.

Our paint can have a second life

To create truly sustainable paint, we focus on the complete life cycle of our products. Starting with the sourcing of natural, renewable raw materials, and ending with products that can be be returned to us to be recycled or donated to social initiatives.