Every single ingredient in our Pure Interior Oil

Water, Silica, Plant Oil Emulsion, Thickener, Propylene Glycol, Eco-friendly proprietary driers, Biocides < 0.005%

Our Natural Ingredients
Macro photograph of water droplets on underside of a leaf.

Caring for the planet

We pride ourselves on offering a safe and healthy range of sustainable, high quality, affordable and durable finishes that are not only naturally beautiful to look at but also to live with.

Our difference


Here's some Test Pots FOUR you.

Some people want the natural wood grain to stand out, and some want to experiment with different finishes. Both are all good with us.

If you need to see the oils in action, we’ve got you sorted — the shipping is on us!

Test Pot Oil Pop Up 01

Mix & match four (or why not more) Test Pots to try at home and you'll get a paintbrush from us to get you started.