Getting down to DIY!

Have a project kicking around that you're ready to tick off the list? Get stuck into a bit of DIY with the right products and a can-do attitude.

With a comprehensive range of paint and oils, we have exactly what you need.

Get yourself in the DIY zone

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Prepping your surfaces

Get your surfaces ready for painting by removing any fixings, then cleaning the walls with a cloth and sugar soap. Fill uneven surfaces and lightly sand for a smooth surface, ready for paint/oil application.

P Max Spec Undercoat

Prime time for primer

Applying an undercoat will always give you the best finish. This bit of prep ensures the surface sound prior to the paint application. Our Gib Primer is for new plasterboard, Undercoat/Pigmented Sealer is for standard timber walls and Specialty Undercoat is for the tougher situations like exteriors.

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Having the right tools

Different paint jobs require different tools, all depends on your project. Grab a cutting-in brush, a roller for large surfaces or a smaller sleeve for small spaces! Don't forget your drop sheet and tape to protect your floors and switches. Proper planning pays off!