Welcome to Natural Coatings Group

We're more than just a paint brand

We're an innovative coatings company that has evolved to address the growing demand for sustainable change in the outdated coatings industry.

World leading IP and innovation

Natural Coatings Group delivers healthier and sustainable coatings technologies with industry leading premium quality - to create truly world leading innovation that is ready for international scale.

We provide a complete system of natural coatings with global application across architectural, decorative and industrial coatings industries.

With our unique technology and IP, we have the agility to develop new products to suit emerging market demands as well as continually improve and develop on our existing range, positioning us at the forefront of driving industry change.

Our core values



From 1000 ingredients to just 12. We’ve replaced the nasty chemicals with natural alternatives using sustainable and renewable resources. Unlike other paint brands, we also disclose the ingredients in our paint - that’s a big deal! We’re dedicated to producing natural, healthy coatings, all without compromise.



Our paint and oil products are made right here in New Zealand with high-quality plant and earth-based materials. We prioritise ingredients that can be found in nature and are sustainability sourced, using over 80% renewable resources.

Sustainability Forest


Long lasting and durable, our finishes are all around better than the chemical alternatives. Our paint is durable, washable – and it can handle all that life throws at it.

In fact it's so good, we’ve guaranteed it for 25 years.

Maiko Living Room

Our mission

At Natural Paint Co, we live by 4 simple values:

Performance without compromise - Offer the best product with industry leading quality and guarantees.

Utilise & protect nature - Prioritise natural ingredients, and protect nature through our business practices.

Healthy equals happy - Cause no harm to humans, animals or the planet.

Inspire change - Redefine the industry through constant innovation that is better for the people and the planet.

Commercial partnerships

There is a growing demand for suppliers that can offer high quality products, while delivering impact through positive social and environmental outcomes.

We are continuing to grow into new sales channels through successful commercial partnerships. Currently partnering with Sugi Japanese Timber, NZ Post, Ruru Tiny Homes, Pure Eco Painting, Bead & Proceed, The Custom Space - this channel now accounts for 20% of our annual revenue with huge growth potential.


An exciting future ahead

As well as growing our offering at home, we have huge opportunities in the $300B international coatings market, with some key products boasting a world’s first in innovative clean and sustainable coatings technology.

We have only just scratched the surface of the scope of Natural Paint Co. products, and with COVID impacts mostly behind us we are ready to execute on exciting new growth strategies that will firmly cement Natural Paint Co. as a household name in New Zealand and a serious coatings player in the international market over the next 5 years.