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Thinking about re-staining your exterior deck, or maybe touching up your wooden lounge floors? From Pure Interior Oil to Hard Floor Oil, to our Exterior Stain and Danish Oil, we have an oil for every situation.

Natural Paint Co. oils are durable and VOC-free to ensure they're hard-wearing and safe for you and the planet.

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Interior Oils

Our durable Pure Interior Oil offers a washable, water-proof finish, that will retain the natural colour of your interior timbers - perfect for bathrooms . Our natural Pure Interior Oil comes in 28 different colours, from clear, light oils through to darker stains with a few pops of colour - available in a Matt or Semi-Gloss sheen finish.

Our Hard Floor Oil offers a hard-wearing, durable, washable finish, that will enhance the natural colour of your interior timber floors. Our VOC-free, non-toxic formula allows you to oil the floors without much downtime or the need to move out due to the fumes.

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Exterior Stain

Our durable Exterior Stain offers a UV resistant, moss and mould resistant, water-proof finish, perfect for all exterior timbers.

Made with natural ingredients our Exterior Stain not only smells delicious, but is a non-toxic and VOC-free oil, making it healthier for you and the planet.

Give your mates deck envy with a natural Exterior Stain that comes in 20 different colours, from clear, light oils through to darker stains - available in a matt finish.

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Danish & Tung Oil

Our natural Pure Danish Oil is a blend of our Pure Tung Oil and Citrus Peel Oil, leaving the finish smelling great. Our Pure Danish Oil penetrates deep into the timber, giving a rich, water-proof surface to the timber. Perfect for interior and exterior use. The best part, it's 100% food safe too.

Our Pure Tung Oil is 100% natural, made from oil extracted from the seeds of the tung tree. Our natural Pure Tung Oil is great for enhancing the natural beauty of your timber, creating a fully breathable yet waterproof finish. The perfect oil for interior surfaces, our Tung Oil is also food safe so is perfect for kitchen utensils and children's toys.

Danish vs Tung Oil

You're probably wondering, what's the difference between Tung Oil and Danish Oil? It's a really good question – we get asked that a lot.

Danish Oil is a great all-rounder – in most cases it's the best option for the job. It's easier to apply, penetrating into the timber for faster drying properties. There are a few fringe projects where we'd recommend Tung Oil as the better option, for example if you're looking to protect concrete flooring with a coating, Tung Oil is the way to go.