Our Story

Natural Paint Co was created with an uncompromising promise; to make the world’s best paint and timber oils that are healthier for people and our planet.


After learning the pitfalls of the paint and timber coatings industry, which for over 70 years has favoured petrochemicals and toxic ingredients, the Co-Founders of Natural Paint Co., Grace and James both quit their career paths to create a business that would redefine the industry.

Working with leading paint chemists, Grace and James have created natural, plant based paints and oils that far exceed industry standards, while solving colossal sustainable and ethical issues within the industry.

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Our Mission

At Natural Paint Co, we live by 4 simple values:

Performance without compromise - Offer the best product with industry leading quality and guarantees.

Utilise & protect nature - Prioritise natural ingredients, and protect nature through our business practices.

Healthy equals happy - Cause no harm to humans, animals or the planet.

Inspire change - Redefine the industry through constant innovation that is better for the people and the planet.

Our pillars



Paints and oils use 1000’s of different chemicals, with many being harmful to your health. At Natural Paint Co, we use well researched ingredients that have no negative impact on your health during or after application, and disclose all of these for you.



Using decades of scientific knowledge, we have transformed natural clays, resins, and pigments into high-quality paints and oils right here in Aotearoa. Natural Paint Co paints are scientifically formulated with everything you need and nothing you don't.

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Sustainability is at the core of everything we do, from prioritising natural and renewable ingredients, through to our initiatives of recycling or composting left over paint. To further our impact, we protect rainforest with every order.

Where we're headed

Natural Paint Co.'s goal is to become one of the leading coating suppliers in New Zealand, and worldwide. Now seven years on, Natural Paint Co. continues to make waves and strive towards this goal, bucking convention nationally and internationally.

Grace and James' passion and drive comes from the desire to bring clients not only exceptional products, but a total experience that adds value to their life and wellbeing.