Keep your interior timber protected

Leave your interior timbers with a beautiful finish with either our clear or tinted offering.

A highly durable plant-based oil for long lasting interior appeal.

Your best alternative to traditional glossy varnish, our Pure Interior Oil doesn't cause light woods to go golden, helping to retain the natural colour of wood.

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The best non-toxic alternative

Our Pure Interior Oil is the perfect alternative to chemical oils used in your interiors, being VOC-free our non-toxic oil leaves your house smelling fresh allowing you to live in your space with freshly oiled furniture.

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Choose your colour

Our Pure Interior Oil comes in a range of 22 different stain colours from clear through to dark colours to emphasise the timber. We also offer a whitewash and blackwash perfect for creating texture to your timbers.

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An oil for many uses

Our Pure Interior Oil is perfect clear, through to tinted finish for your interior surfaces. Consider using it for timber walls and ceilings, benchtops, cabinetry, furniture, toys, windows, doors, sills and trims.



Our Pure Interior Oil offers a create coverage rate of 8-14m² per litre depending on the absorbency of the substrate you are applying it to.


Our Pure Interior Oil offers a durable finish to your interior timbers, you can clean the surface once fully hardened with soapy water. Re-coating is easy - start with a light sand then apply 1-2 coats as needed.

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