Gib Primer/Sealer

Gib Primer/Sealer

Gib Primer/Sealer

A natural, environmentally responsible primer and sealer for use with The Natural Paint Co's Wall Paint. Pleasant smelling, breathable and free of all VOC's and harmful chemicals.

Use The Natural Paint Co Gib Primer & Sealer on new or existing interior surfaces such as Gib board, plaster, plasterboard and mud brick. Not Suitable for Aqualine Gib or Timber.

To be used with our Wall & Ceiling Paint or Feature Paint

See below for more information.

As low as $6.00

Uses: As an interior primer/sealer for:

  • New Gib board (not aqualine) 
  • New plaster and plasterboard 
  • Mud brick 
  • New, cured concrete (after a minimum curing time of 6 weeks) 

Not recommended for timbers, metal or particle board - use The Natural Paint Co Undercoat/Pigmented Sealer or Speciality Undercoat (refer to Data Sheet).

Coverage: 8-12m² per litre depending on the absorbency of the substrate.

: Castor or safflower oil, lemon peel oil, borax, calcium carbonate, kaolin, titanium dioxide, water, cellulose, surfactant, tree resins, tetrasodium salt, iron oxides, earth pigments, metal pigments (free of cadmium, chromates and lead chromates).

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