Pure Interior Oil

Pure Interior Oil

Pure Interior Oil

A durable interior oil, based on natural ingredients and renewable resources.

The Natural Paint Company Pure Interior Oil is solvent free, VOC free and free of harmful chemicals. 

Pure interior oil is an excellent alternative to other natural oils or chemical polyurethane for walls and ceilings, furniture, bench tops, cabinetry and toys and can be used in wet areas.  It will not cause light woods to go golden like a varnish, helping to retain the natural colour of woods. This oil is perfect for Whitewash/Blonding effects and can be used to naturally darken light woods by using it as a stain.

Available in a Matt or Semi-Gloss finish and is approved for use on toys according to European regulations.

To keep your timber surfaces refreshed, use our Floor Care

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As low as $6.00

A durable interior oil based on natural ingredients and renewable resources.

The unique resin system used is a modified oil-based alkyd that gives you all the benefits of an oil-based coating, while using water instead of a solvent.

As an oil finish for interior surfaces, including timber surfaces, such as walls, ceilings, windows, doors, sills, mouldings, toys and furniture.

Can be used on MDF, chipboard, plywood and most other timbers.  Not suitable for floors, use our Hard Floor Oil .

Coverage: 10-14m² per litre depending on the absorbency of the substrate.

Ingredients: Dehydrated castor oil, colophony resin ester, anti-oxidants, clay, zinc oxide, proprietary complex driers (non-hazardous).

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