Paint donation brings smiles all round.

Paint donation for kindergarten’s Puppet Theatre brings smiles all round.

The Golden Bay Kindergarten was trilled upon receiving a generous donation in 2015 from The Natural Paint Company to paint their Puppet Theatre.

The package they received included a tin of primer and large tin of green paint in the naturally beautiful tone, Spring.

The colour represents the kindergarten’s “green” philosophy and the non-toxic hand-crafted paints created right here in New Zealand fitted perfectly with the centre’s environmental and sustainable principles.

Being the only educational centre in Golden Bay to hold a Silver Enviroschools Award, the kindergarten is not far off winning the Green Gold title and is passionate about nature education and always choosing the best quality environmentally and sustainable options whenever possible.

Children, teachers and parents of the kindergarten worked hard to fundraise the money to pay a local carpenter to build the Puppet Theatre, which was then painted with the natural green tone by a four-year old student and her mother at their home.

The kindergarten are forever grateful to the Natural Paint Company for their well-performing, honest, well-manufactured, quality products which are safer to use for their little people than regular paint, also offering ecologically and socially responsible solutions for our world.

Nina Hindmarsh, Golden Bay Reporter

Golden Bay Kindergarten
Children at Golden Bay Kindergarten enjoying their new Puppet Theatre Painted in ‘Spring’ colour donated by The Natural Paint Company.

Passive House in New Plymouth

Read about Agnes and Remi’s experience using The Natural Paint Company below:

“We started the design of our new home in 2013 with two key concepts in mind – A “Passive House” design to guarantee a warm house with minimal energy consumption and the use of eco friendly building materials for a healthy living environment.

After a fair amount of research on the internet, we selected The Natural Paint Company Wall Paint and Enamel Paint systems for all internal walls and The Natural Paint Company Benchtop Oil for all our wood surfaces – including the bathroom vanities, kitchen benchtop and dining table, all made by a local furniture maker.

The Benchtop Oil brings out the natural warmth of the wood. We opted for a classical white colour for most walls, but we’ve been a bit more daring in the bathrooms with a vibrant hue of blue and yellow… we were a bit unsure at first on how it would all come together but we love it!

We were also very pleased with the efficiency and professionalism of The Natural Paint Company staff.”

Agnes & Remi

New Plymouth, Taranaki

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